Roots Down to Hell

By Matthew Louis

He found himself at war with the modern world—and the laws of God and man. 

When a rural misfit from a harsh, blue-collar world marries an idealistic college girl, the chances for domestic bliss are close to nil.

Because marriage isn’t what it used to be, and neither is higher education.

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Praise For Roots Down to Hell

“Stunningly noir and unabashedly anti-woke, Roots Down to Hell is one of those reads you’ll devour in one or two sittings.”

—Vincent Zandri, New York Times and USA Today bestselling ITW Thriller and PWA Shamus Award winning author of Her Darkest Secret and the Dick Moonlight PI series. 

“A modern classic on the order of Scott Smith’s masterpiece, A SIMPLE PLAN.”

—Les Edgerton, author of The Death of Tarpons, Hard Times and Hooked

“Brilliant and brutally real. A searing, sharp tale of a man on the razor’s edge.”

Paul D. Brazill, author of Stray Bullets and Guns of Brixton

Roots Down to Hell is populated with an American tapestry of characters who do not conform to any socially acceptable expectations of behavior. This is noir. This is what noir is supposed to be … This book takes risks no censor board, be it of the right or left-wing ilk, would ever allow.”

Alec Cizak, author of Cool It Down

About the Author: Matthew Louis is a self-taught writer, editor, publisher, and graphic artist. In another life he is a serial entrepreneur and family man. He has had short fiction published in numerous print and online venues. He received an honorable mention in the Year’s Best Mystery Stories for his contribution to Trouble in the Heartland and his novel The Wrong Man is currently being developed as a major motion picture. He founded Out of the Gutter Magazine and Gutter Books as a way to deliver the brand of intelligent yet high-impact fiction that he favors but finds rare.