*We are primarily seeking gritty crime novels of 40,000 to 70,000 words.

*We will also publish books in other genres if they are likely to stimulate and challenge readers.

*This is an offshoot of the pulp fiction journal Out of the Gutter, which specialized in testing boundaries and finding new twists on old themes. Unconventional concepts and approaches are appreciated.

*We are not focused on, or limited by, political correctness or social justice agendas.

*We are eager to publish nonfiction that is in keeping with our general mission and style. Out of the Gutter featured prison reporting from Seth “Soul Man” Ferranti, as well as articles on historical oddities, prostitution, dog fighting, and other “off the beaten path” topics. We would be intrigued by a violent memoir, an investigation into a fascinating subculture, or an essay collection if it is shocking, offbeat, exceedingly clever, or all of the above.

If you think you have something that might be an excellent fit, send your synopsis and at least one sample chapter, and anything else you think we might find titillating, to