The Flying Saucers Are Real

By Donald Keyhoe

The 1960 Book That Started It All!

Rumored to be the inspiration for Fox Mulder of The X-Files, Donald Keyhoe delivers the results of his groundbreaking research in a style that is at once terse and businesslike, and imbued with a sense of wonder at the mysteries and possibilities he is confronting.

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Praise for The Flying Saucers are Real

“[The Flying Saucers are Real is] based on official material and studiously avoids the wild speculations, naivete or prejudice of other publications.”

—Carl Jung, world-famous pioneer of modern psychology

“An accurate account of the matter.”

—Dr. Michael D. Swords, prominent scientist and leading ufologist

About the Author:Donald Keyhoe (June 20, 1897 – November 29, 1988) was an American Marine Corps naval aviator, writer of many aviation articles and stories in a variety of leading publications, and manager of the promotional tours of aviation pioneers, especially of Charles Lindbergh. In the 1950s he became well-known as a UFO researcher, arguing that the U.S. government should conduct appropriate research in UFO matters, and should release all its UFO files. Keyhoe was widely regarded as the leader in the field of ufology in the 1950s and early-to-mid 1960s.